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  3. "If you are a flower,
    I’m nothing
    but the rain;
    I’ll either
    help you grow,
    or drown you
    in the process."

    a flower and the rain - j.b. (via youshouldacceptchaos)

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  4. Bae

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    Kurt Cobain’s early draft of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

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  9. So fresh so clean

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    Instantly hard.

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  10. Heartbeat

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  11. Dream home

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  12. "Not everyone you lose is a loss."

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  13. Don't Speak - No Doubt


    The original version of Don’t Speak, before Gwen and Tony broke up. After the break-up, Gwen rewrote the song to the one it is today

    No doubt for life